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Guest Lecturers:
Harness the Evolutionary Impulse of Your Soul…

Do you want to reclaim your destiny, your sense of purpose, and a clear vision of your future?   Do you sometimes feel like you live from a mere fraction of your true potential, knowing you posses treasure but forgetting where you buried it, sensing you have a destiny but you can’t remember what it is, knowing that the world needs you but not knowing where to serve?  

Have there been far too many days when you’ve experienced the sinking feeling that you held something back from life, that by default you chose safety over freedom, security over purpose?  Your pain may not be primarily psychological, relational or financial.  Your pain might be the spiritual pain of living a life unlived. 

What do you really want?

You ache for freedom.   
You want to experience the transcendent ecstasy of the undivided state.  
You yearn for purpose.  
You are magnetically drawn to finding your niche, your habitat, your people, your service; the place where you know you belong, where you feel your “deepest joy and the world’s hunger meet.” 

Your visit to this site today may represent the first rung of a ladder leading towards a life of greater freedom and purpose. I am here to help guide you through the discovery of your place among your people, your true potential and your unique set of gifts.  I am here to remind you that you are inherently free.  I am here to propose to you that the universe took 14 billion years to evolve into you…for a specific reason.

Discover your life purpose through an integral life coaching program.  I have 20 years experience as a purpose guide, offering purpose coaching and life coaching mentoring offering services in San Francisco,Marin County and by phone.

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Jonathan Gustin is a spiritual teacher, integral mentor and psychotherapist. 

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