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An Evening with Rupert Spira
In the last couple of years Rupert has become one of the most popular and sought-after teachers of non-dual wisdom, known for his crystal clear use of language, skillful guided inquiries, and direct pointing to aware presence—all delivered with warmth and wit in an impeccable British accent! He is the author of Presence, Volumes I and II, and The Transparency of Things.

From an interview with Rupert Spira:

Q: Why aren't I self-realized/enlightened?
A: Because of that very question. With that question you presume yourself to be an entity that is other than and separate from the light of Awareness. This presumption is known as the 'person' or the 'separate entity' and seems to veil the Love and Happiness that are inherent in Awareness' knowing of its own Being.

This apparent veiling of Happiness is synonymous with the search for enlightenment or the feeling of being unenlightened. That search is what the separate entity is, not what it does.

Once we have imagined ourselves to be such an entity, the search for Happiness in the objects of the mind, the body and the world is inevitable. If we believe and feel ourselves to be such an entity and believe at the same time that we are not in search, we are simply deluding ourselves. We have simply buried the subtle rejection of the now, which is another name for the search, under a new belief in non-duality.

However, sooner or later this search comes to an end, in most cases, as a result of suffering and inquiry. At this point, we may, as it were, turn round and question the very one who is in search only to find it to be utterly non-existent. In its place, where we are expecting to find the 'I' of the separate self, find only the 'I' of Awareness.

It is inevitable that the search up until this point will seem to have been undertaken by the separate entity we believe and feel ourselves to be. However, even if we provisionally credit the apparently separate entity with this activity, it does no more than this. In fact, in realty it doesn't even do this. What can a non-existent entity do? However, we should be wary of buying the 'there is nothing to do' belief while the feeling of separation is still present.
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Monday, October 21
7pm- 9pm | San Francisco