KIRK FETZER   age 44, publisher and publishing consultant
My years of participation in the San Francisco Integral Awakening Group and private sessions with Jonathan were some of the best choices I've made thus far toward personal development. For me, Jonathan is a rare find, posessing extraordinary listening skills, long experience as a psychotherapist, and spiritual teacher - all accessible through his non-clinical, warm demeanor.  This demeanor established a level of comfort and trust, resulting in insightful discoveries early-on that fueled my motivation for growth. Jonathan is invaluable to me in discovering my views of myself, my beliefs in the world and spirituality, and how to grow into and participate as a whole, fulfilled person. I now consider Jonathan a life-long friend and my personal teacher.

JOHN GLUCK — age 46, project manager/coach
I was a member of the Integral Awakening Group for 1 year and it was definitely worth the time and money. Jonathan is a knowledgeable guide and is genuinely experienced in helping people find their true purpose. The experience in the group continues to inform my spiritual practice, and led me to friendships that I still have today. Furthermore, it helped me discover that I wanted to seek further training as a life coach. Jonathan takes what can be very "fluffy" subjects and makes them concrete.

SUSAN AVERBACH —  age 61, rabbinic student
I had the good fortune of spending a whole year in Jonathan's Integral Awakening Group. Jonathan's vision and wisdom guided us throughout the year which culminated in a Vision Quest (Soulquest) day in the wilderness. I especially appreciated Jonathan's eclectic approach in leading our journey.  My life was forever changed for the better as a result of this special year of practice - and I continue to use what I've learned in my everyday life.

LEONE NEAL —  age 61, manager
I have been a part of IAG for 4 1/2 years and it continues to be a place where I am reminded and supported to be my truest self. It is a safe place to become more transparent and whole and a place where I am encouraged to find and live my purpose to its fullest. Where else could you talk about exercise, transcendence, shadow selves, and meaning in one group? Where else can you be encouraged to engage the brain, heart, soul and body so fully? Jonathan’s authority and gift as a teacher comes from exhaustive personal experience and study and a complete, heartfelt commitment to supporting all of us to grow more fully into an integral life, both for ourselves and for the world. I feel that IAG is truly a wonderful blessing and touchpoint in my life.

CHELSEA KUBISCHTA — age 38, stay at home mom
I joined the Integral Awakening Group at a time of great transition in my life as a new mother and with a recent decision to not return to work and stay home full time with my then three month old son.  The readings, mentorship provided by Jonathan, and community afforded by IAG helped me to connect with my own spirituality and the world in a fresh way at such a tender time in my life.  The process jumpstarted a life long meditation habit and deepened a spiritual awareness that I will always carry with me and build from on my life long quest toward spiritual fulfillment and growth.  I credit this group, and some individual sessions with Jonathan, for allowing me to sink into my new role as a mother in a more present, soulful, and meaningful way.  All the parenting books in the world could not match this rich mind, body, and soul experience that I received from Jonathan's group.  And, the biggest gift I received was the deeply felt knowledge that I was already living my purpose at this stage in my life.  I am forever grateful.